Is fishing better on east or west coast of florida?

To the west in deep sea fishing, the East Coast wins without a doubt. The main reason for this is that the Gulf Stream is off the east coast and the water gets much deeper, much faster south of Stuart. Consequently, it is not necessary to run so far from the coast to reach the fish and the fish are usually pelagic. The West Coast is relatively more of a coastal fishery.

There is no real structure near the coast in the gulf. The back of the west is a whole structure with mangroves, piers and bridges. To gain a foot depth on the west side, you have to go a mile. It takes time and distance to gain structure.

You can't talk about fishing in the Keys without mentioning its incredible plains and cross-country fishing. While you can catch plenty of Atlantic fish, such as marlin, in Gulf waters, you can also successfully catch popular fish such as amberjack and red snapper. Popular fishing spots on Florida's Atlantic coast include Biscayne Bay, New Smyrna Beach, Islamorada and, of course, the famous Florida Keys. You're right, Sebastian Inlet is an incredible fishing destination, along with many other Florida spots.

However, those who have experienced the fishing scene know that it is one of the most exclusive fisheries in all of Florida. The beaches near Melbourne also offer phenomenal fishing for fish such as mangroves, mackerel and black drums. Waves of people don't come to steal your fish because of a useful article that highlights all the good fishing spots in the state. You can fish in the calm waters of the Halifax River or head ashore for an epic battle against some of the Atlantic's most sought-after fish.

Florida's beautiful and extensive Gulf Coast offers an excellent, albeit slightly different, fishing experience. Whether it's fly fishing in the bay or bottom fishing on reefs, you'll want to combine a few types of trips and enjoy everything this area has to offer. Whether you're fishing on the sands of New Smyrna or casting a line in Clearwater Beach, you're going to fish some of the best waters in the world and catching some super cool fish. Obviously he never fished in Florida before because he never mentioned Jupiter, Stuart, Fort Pierce and Palm Beach.

But, unfortunately, choosing a favorite Florida coast for fishing is like picking a favorite kid—you can't do it.

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