What fish are in season in florida in february?

In February, the fishing forecast changes a bit, and speckled trout, flounder, and pigfish are more common. In a place like Port Canaveral, you can also expect redfish. Of course, there are always other fish like a drum that lasts relatively all year round. Ecuador's Galapagos Islands outperform Mexico's Baja California peninsula in terms of striped marlin numbers this month, as the handful of charter boats that regularly fish in the area record 20 or more daily connections when the fish feed.

In Cabo San Lucas, however, now is when you see a lot of stripes at the top, and anglers can cast alive to fish by slowly surfing the waves. Striped torpedoes dominate the Bahamas deep-sea fishing landscape, where the legendary waters of San Salvador and Cat Island historically continue to produce trophies this month. Best known for its tuna fishing, southeastern Louisiana also produces solid wahoo numbers during the winter, including about 50 to 60 pounds often found near Venice, around oil rigs 15 or 30 miles away. Backcountry fishing is excellent and is generally the best option during this month based on typical conditions and the variety of fish that can be found.

You can also check monthly temperature averages for some key Florida cities, along with preferred feeding and spawning temperatures for some freshwater fish. Just like in January, cooler temperatures and sunny days make this month a great time to fish in the Florida Keys. The United States Geological Survey provides Florida water resource data on water levels and flow, as well as water temperature, which can also be very useful in planning your fishery.

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