What is the best month to fish in florida?

The best time to fish in the state of Florida in saltwater is usually from April to September, while the best times to fish in freshwater are from spring to November. Every Florida game fish species will have its peak season. The west central part of Florida is one of the best parts for fishing. Don't worry about fishing times, there is fishing activity all year round, but we highly recommend going there from April to September.

You'll find the best fishing spots in Tampa, Tarpon Springs and Sarasota. In the Northwest region, April-November is the best time for big flatheads and blue catfish. April to June is the best time for major channels across the state. Florida redfish season lasts all year round.

Fish spawn from August to November in coastal waters, making them viable for offshore catches during the peak of winter and moving ashore in spring. There is speculation that the season will be limited in the near future due to damage to the area, but it has not yet been confirmed or approved. Spring in the Keys is a wonderful time of year. Warmer weather means lots of tourism and things to do; spring also means fabulous fishing.

Snapper fishing, for example, is best in spring. While they're technically in season all year round, March-May are definitely the best times to get a big one. If you plan to go fishing soon, you'll probably want to pay attention to this section because it's going to change the way you plan your fishing trips. In the southwestern part of Florida, you can find incredible fishing spots, such as Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, Naples or Everglades City and you can fish from Bass to Snook.

The United States Geological Survey provides Florida water resource data on water levels and flow, as well as water temperature, which can also be very useful in planning your fishery. If you're determined to fish for Spanish mackerel, the best month to fish in the Florida Keys is November, when they return “home” after a year of traveling the Atlantic coast. Even the guys who caught it in the 60s say that “Big O is fishing better than anyone can remember. From North Florida to the Keys, you can find incredible places to spend your fishing vacation.

You can also check monthly temperature averages for some key Florida cities, along with preferred feeding and spawning temperatures for some freshwater fish. This area may not be the busiest area in Florida, but it can offer incredible fishing days all year round. Thousands of anglers come to this fishing paradise to catch big game fish such as Mahi Mahi, Tarpon, Sailfish or Marlin.

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