Where is the best fishing in florida?

One of Florida's most popular tourist destinations, Key West is also considered to be one of the best places to fish. An ideal spot for tourists, even Ernest Hemingway was known to be a regular in the fishing community for many decades. With both plain and deep sea fishing, Key West is an ideal spot to catch a variety of fish at any time of the year, including shad, macabi, marlin, tuna and other saltwater fish. With a large number of guides and boat captains to hire and a variety of other land and water attractions, Key West is an ideal destination to visit with the whole family.

Sebastian Inlet State Park is the jewel in the crown of the Atlantic coast when it comes to fishing. The fishing dock at this state park comes with safety guardrails, making Sebastian Inlet State Park one of the best fishing spots in Florida. The Crady Memorial Bridge is a mile long bridge and is famous for being one of the best fishing spots in Florida. The most famous fish species that can be fished from this bridge are whiting, cat and drum.

Founded in 1928, Flagler Pier has about a hundred years of rich fishing history. It's a massive 806-foot dock that extends to coastal bodies of water. Dania Pier, located in South Florida, is one of the best fishing docks on the Atlantic coast. It's a massive 928-foot dock that extends into deep water, giving you the chance to catch fish such as yellow-tailed snapper, bluefish, and grunts.

Fort Desoto Park is one of the best fishing spots in the Gulf Coast area. Located in Pinellas County, this 1,136 foot park is one of the best attractions in that county. If you want to fish in the Atlantic Ocean and have access to one of the most ecologically diverse estuaries in the country, the Indian River Lagoon, then Sebastian Inlet State Park is the fishing spot for you. The state park itself is full of opportunities to fish without a boat.

It has two rock jetties that allow you to fish in the ocean, a seemingly endless coastline and the lagoon itself, where you can fish. Come here for snook, trout, shad, redfish, Spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper, sheep and oily fish. Jacksonville Beach Pier is a 1,320 foot long fishing dock where you can access both the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean.

There are huge high tides here, so you can definitely catch some trophies like barracuda, shad and common dolphin fish or mahi mahi. Expect to see lots of pompano, black drum, redfish, flounder, and trout action here too. Jacksonville fans also love watching the beautiful sunrise while looking for good table food. It's not free to access, but it's a well-equipped fishing dock and it's also wheelchair accessible.

Tucked away at the midpoint of the Sanibel Causeway, Causeway Park is a small island with great views and plenty of fish waiting to be hooked. It has a unique ecosystem, thanks to the waters of the Caloosahatchee River, Pine Island Sound and the Gulf of Mexico, so you know that fishing is not only abundant but also diverse. Anglers can fly fish and wade here. Its main catches include cobia, permit, flounder, snapper, pompano, ladybug, spanish mackerel, kingfish and barracuda.

Miami has a lot to offer and we can think of hundreds of reasons to visit; incredible beaches, exciting nightlife and much more. We should expect nothing less from the “Magic City”. But not everyone knows the magic that hides under its waters. Fishing in Miami is as exciting as everything else in this Florida city.

Miami is full of spectacular fishing spots. Biscayne Bay is perfect for those who want to be closer to the coast. It's just a short boat ride away, and it's an especially good spot for those of you who want to fight the hungry Tarpon with nothing more than guiding the city lights through the dark of night. Trust us, there's magic in that.

However, deep-sea fishing in Miami is the jewel in the area's crown. Hundreds of dolphin, tuna, wahoo and sailfish can be found in Miami's marine waters, making these waters one of Florida's best deep-sea fishing spots. But before we move on to the next fishing spot on our list, let us fill you in on Miami Airport. Heading south from the Miami airport, you can find a number of lakes to catch Peacock Bass.

Blue Lagoon is the most famous, but all are ideal for bass fishing. Just an hour's drive from Disneyland, with more than 9.6 miles of white sand coastline, Cocoa Beach is known worldwide as a paradise on earth. But this piece of sky is also known within the fishing community for its incredible fish. Due to its location, all trips depart from Port Canaveral, just five miles from Cocoa Beach.

You can head to the deep waters of the Gulf Stream, where you can find incredible Mahi Mahi, Blue Marlin, Wahoo and Grouper. Or you can go to Thousand Islands, a collection of 338-acre islands that is constantly changing and evolving with a variety of species such that, even after a full day of fishing, you'll find yourself eager to return. If all you want to do is enjoy some of Florida's biggest bass, Lake Okeechobee is definitely your place to go. More than 730 square miles of trophy-winning freshwater bass fishing are waiting for you.

Lake Okeechobee appears in most major tournaments, such as the FLW Tour and the Bassmaster Elite. It's not unreasonable to say that this Florida spot is perfect for helping you catch and catch incredible fish. It's time to introduce you to the well-known “sailfish capital of the world”, Stuart. As you can imagine, Stuart's waters are perfect for catching incredible sailfish, but it's also famous for its legendary bass catches.

Stuart is Florida's best spot for deep sea fishing, with the Gulf Stream just ten miles offshore. Both half-day and full-day charters are the perfect choice for sailing on Wahoo, Sailfish and Mahi Mahi. West Palm Beach is one of those places where you can try all the fishing modalities you like to practice, as it is home to lakes, intercoastal waterways, canals, reefs and the Gulf Channel Stream. It's a place where fishermen can spend their entire vacation without having to fish the same way twice.

But as we told you before, West Palm Beach has a lot to offer and it's not one of the best places to fish in Florida for no reason. If you prefer to stay in shallow water, you'll be pleased to know that West Palm Beach offers incredible bass fishing. During their summer exchange season, Peacock Bass swarm all over the freshwater channels along with largemouth bass and clown knifefish. If you decide to go to Destin, you'll find yourself teetering with big groupers, dolphins, amberjack fish (some up to 150 pounds), tuna, wahoo, sharks (blacktip, tiger, bull, hammerhead) and needle fish.

It's as good as it sounds, and it's no coincidence that we like this place so much. Other world-renowned spots, such as Doodles, Rim, Elbow, Nipple and DeSoto Canyon, also offer some of the best deep-sea fishing activities in all of Florida. Get fishing tips and tricks and read personal stories from anglers who live and breathe fishing and boating. The Florida Keys are a 100-mile stretch of slender islands, surrounded by crystal clear waters and plenty of fish.

Lake Okeechobee (located here) is probably best known as the premier bass fishing lake in all of Florida. Big Sugar and its political influence have caused serious damage to the ecosystem and fisheries in Southwest Florida. Home to the largest fishing fleet in the entire state, visitors often come here and rent a boat to fish on the high seas in groups. Florida's beautiful and extensive Gulf Coast offers an excellent, albeit slightly different, fishing experience.

Due to its popular fishing community, there are a variety of guides ready to show you their best-kept fishing spots. And one of the reasons is that you have a lot of different fishing opportunities to offer, whether you're fishing from a chartered boat, wading, or casting from shore. You can't talk about fishing in the Keys without mentioning its incredible plains and cross-country fishing. You're right, Sebastian Inlet is an incredible fishing destination, along with many other locations in Florida.

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